Executive Business Advisory Services


Joseph Miskell, CPA offers a variety of consulting and advisory services for our clients.  Our clients engage us to provide services for specific projects, projects of limited duration as well as those that will continue for an extended period of time.

Part-time/Virtual CFO

Your company may be growing faster than your ability to effectively manage and monitor company performance.  Engaging a Part-time and/or Virtual CFO provides you many benefits, including:  

* Allows you to minimize payroll costs while providing you more time to do what you do best, grow your business;  

* Allows you to better understand the financial aspects of the business, provide quality/timely financial information including trend analysis.  This understanding allows you to make more informed decisions that impact the bottom line;  

* Provides comfort in the knowledge that a professional is overseeing and striving to find ways of improving the financial side of your business;  

* Establishing sound financial controls, within the constraints of the size and nature of your business, to lower the risk of employee malfeasance and to increase profits; 

* Act as your liaison with the governmental authorities (Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, State taxing authorities, etc.) and third-party vendors (such as attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, etc.); and  

* Review and negotiation of insurance policies.

Business Start-up Services - Entity Formation

The type of entity you choose to operate under is of paramount importance.  The entity types you have to choose from are: (1) Sole Proprietor; (2) General Partnership; (3) Limited Partnership; (4) Limited Liability Company; (5) “C” Corporation; and (6) Subchapter “S” Corporation.

Each entity type has advantages and disadvantages.  Joseph Miskell, CPA can assist you in choosing the right entity type as well as what jurisdiction you may wish to organize in.

Back Office Support

We can assist your back office with human resources, payroll, bookkeeping and employee benefit plan selection and support. When it comes to complex issues, rely on us for ongoing support and/or short-term engagements.