Your Taxes Simplified


Peace of Mind

As a Certified Public Accountant, Joseph Miskell is licensed to and has represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, various state Workforce (Unemployment) commissions and state taxing authorities.  We believe that when choosing a firm to prepare your taxes, you should choose someone that can represent you in case of questions concerning your returns.  

With proper planning, you can minimize the taxes you are required to pay.  No one should pay more in taxes than they are required to pay.  We work with you to be sure that you pay the lowest amount you are legally required to pay.  

Even if you have self prepared or had someone else preapre your returns we can assist you with any notices you may have received from the IRS or other taxing/administrative authorities.


Collaborative Process

We work with you in determining the documentation needed to prepare your tax returns.  This goes for the simplest individual income tax return to the most complex return.  We start by reviewing prior returns to understand what has been done previously to help ensure that nothing is missed for the current year.  In addition to questionnaires, we review the prior return information with you to help ensure that you have provided the necessary documentation and that everything is accounted for in the preparation of the return.


Common Types of Returns We Prepare

Below is a list of the common US Individual Income Tax returns and Business returns that we prepare for our clients.  The list is not exhaustive and if you need assistance with a return type not listed, please do not hesitite to contact us.

* Form 1040/1040A/1040EZ - The Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return - This includes the associated schedules and forms that are attached to the individual return.

* Form 1065 - Partnership/LLC Returns - This Form is used for general and limited partnerships as well as multi-member Limited Liability Companies.

* Form 1120 - Corpotation Income Tax Returns - This Form is used to report the income of "C" corporations regardless of the number of shareholders.

* Form 1120S - This Form is used to report the income of multi-shareholder Subchapter "S" Corporations.

* Form 990/990-PF - These Forms are to report the income of Charitable/Non-Charitable tax-exempt corporations.

* Form 1041 - Income Tax Returns for Estates and Trusts.

* Extensions - We can prepare and file the extensions for any of the above returns.

* Forms 1099/1096 - We prepare Forms 1099/1096 filings to the Internal Revenue Service as well as for distribution to your 1099 employees, independent contractors and non-corporate vendors paid more than $600 in a calendar year.

* Forms W-2/W-3 - If not prepared by your payroll provider (or if you have a household employee who is required to receive a Form W-2), we can prepare the Forms W-2/W-3 to be filed with the Social Security Administration and distributed to your employees.

* State Income/Franchise Tax Returns - We prepare the required state income/franchise tax returns, including if necessary, the proper income sourcing by state.

* Form 5500 - Certain group health & welfare benefit plans as well as all qualified benefit plans (401-K plans & defined benefit plans) are required to file information returns with the Employee Benefits Security Administration (department within the Department of Labor).  We can assist you with these filings.